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Reinventing communication
Building Blocks for Next Generation Mobile Workforce.

Internal Newsfeed

A slick platform to ensure that your team can grab news on-the-go. Accessible at your workplace, social connections are bound to be enriched as employees view exciting happenings and connect with others to prepare for upcoming events.


Send messages and notify a handful of users simultaneously; make push notification your first choice. In the event of extreme time constraint, the traditional SMS remains at your disposal.

Optimized for offline use

Store and sync data between users and devices within a matter of seconds in real-time as the power of technology allows your data to be accessible even if the app goes offline. A truly power-choice that offers wonderful user experience despite network connectivity.


Inhup collects data that helps you derive insights into the impact of your communications. These findings can be crucial to the effectiveness of your future campaigns.

The Art of Delegation

Inhup renders smooth team collaboration by involving the right people at the right time. Create projects and tasks then assign them to relevant teams or individuals.

All Files in One Place

Share files across teams on Inhup. This keeps a transparent view of the workplace so everyone stays connected. 

Scheduling Made Easy

Meticulous scheduling is crucial to ensure the workplace operates smoothly. Inhup allows teams to schedule events, transportations and even book meeting rooms effortlessly.

Kickstart your Digital Transformation

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Kickstart your Digital Transformation

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